Our company.

We are a professional and an award winning cleaning company based in Tanzania since 2004. We provide all types of interior and exterior cleaning services across all industries and homes, specializing in domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning. We also offer customized solutions to customers that need one-time cleaning services to meet your requirements requirements. Our services are dependable, environmentally safe and budget friendly.

Our staff are experienced to handle any kind of cleaning jobs. They are professionally trained to work with machinery, equipment and cleaning materials that produce quality work to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.

Spik n Span is successful because we are the experts in the industry. We follow the government regulations for health and safety - OSHA, as well as adopt internationally approved standards for the cleaning industry such as BICS and ISSA.


We bring competence, value and compliance for internationally recognized and approved standards. Having achieved the ISSA certification means our clients can enjoy quality work that is approved for safety and hygiene standards.


Spik n Span is a proud recipient of the Top 100 Midsized companies for three consecutive years – 2017, 2018 and 2019, African Business Excellence Award 2019 and 6th Edition of the World Congress Marketing Award 2019.


We make cleaning easy


Our vision is to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions and services that satisfy all cleaning requirements. It’s not just about providing a service, it’s about an experience that makes the customer feel valued, heard and appreciated.

Why Us?

We are highly experienced to provide all kinds of cleaning services for any type of business.

We are affordable and budget friendly!

We are dependable and work with Integrity.

As an award winning cleaning company, we are committed to bringing professionalism in the cleaning industry through improvement of performance standards and delivering quality service.

We have a quick-turnaround time for clients needs and inquiries.

We operate under supervision to maintain standards, compliance and safety.


Equal opportunity employment

Our company hiring policies favour equal opportunity and unbiased, merit based employment. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Right to Safe Work

Safety and health is our priority. We ensure our staffs work in safe conditions and provide training, resources and PPEs to protect them from any form of bodily harm. We also ensure safety of our clients by providing feedback on areas that need repairs to their property and surroundings.

Work as a Family

We have grown over the years and so has our team. We work as a family that stems from loyalty, respect and compassion for one another.

We maintain Confidentiality and work with Integrity

We understand the importance of confidentiality and trust. We do not disclose details of our clients in any form and work with integrity and mutual respect.

Compassion and Tolerance

We have the patience, empathy and care for each other. During Covid-19, our organization did not retrench, reduce work hours or pay in order to support our employees and their families during the pandemic. We continued to work full time at full capacity to ensure services were not compromised in fact, we stepped up to ensure the safety and security of our employees and clients by implementing and regulating Covid-19 safety protocols immediately during the outbreak. We’re continuously improving and adapting to the WHO approved and internationally recommended standards for hygiene and safety.

Promote Environmental Safety and Conservation

We use eco-friendly products and support initiatives that promote awareness on environment conservation such as recycling and beach cleanups. We train our staffs on proper waste disposal and to recycle when possible.